Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Soal Matematika Cambridge IGCSE 2008 part 1

Berikut ini soal yang digunakan dalam ujian IGCSE Cambridge tahun 2008 part 1 yang dapat digunakan untuk latihan anak-anak dalam mengerjakan soal ujian atau pun olimpiade matematika. Untuk soal lengkapnya dapat di unduh melalui link download pada akhir soal ini. Contoh soalnya adalah sebaga berikut. 

The area of a square is 42.25 cm2. Work out the length of one side of the square.
Expand the brackets and simplify 5x − 6(3x − 2).
The scale on a map is 1:250 000. A road is 4.6 centimetres long on the map. Calculate the actual length of the road in kilometres.
Juanita changed $20 into euros when the exchange rate was €1=$1.2685. How many euros did she receive? Give your answer correct to 2 decimal places.
The line with equation y = 2x − k passes through the point (4 , 0). Work out the value of k.
Calculate the volume of a cylinder of radius 50 cm and height 138 cm. 
85% of the seeds in a packet will produce red flowers. One seed is chosen at random. What is the probability that it will not produce a red flower?
Soal Matematika Cambridge IGCSE 2008 part 1 download

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