Monday, November 2, 2009

Soal IMSO IPA SD 2008

Berikut ini soal olimpiade sains IMSO SD 2008 yang bisa digunakan untuk latihan. Semua soal olimpiade sains IMSO dalam bentuk bahasa inggris. Perlu kiranya bagi bapak ibu guru untuk membekali anak-anak didiknya dengan kemampuan bahasa inggris sehingga anak-anak dapat memahami soalnya. Kalau memahami soal saja belum bisa bagaimana anak-anak mau bisa menjawab soal? ya tidak? Ada juga soal olimpiade sains IMSO 2007 yang bisa digunakan untuk latihan.

Soal Olimpiade Sains Teori 1 IMSO 2008

When observed by naked eyes, the Moon surface looks smooth, but when observed using a telescope, the Moon surface looks very rough. Explain why those two observations look different.
Note: Telescope has a higher magnification/resolution or large image (full mark)

Telescope has higher magnification than eye or telescope can enlarge an image better than eye

Describe the process how the handle of a pan becomes warm when it is burned on a stove, even though only the base of the pan touches the burner.

Answer: because the metal (pan) conducts the heat from the burner to the handle or heat transfer or heat travel from stove to pan.

Soal Olimpiade Sains Teori 2 IMSO 2008

Salt can be produced from seawater by evaporation. Suppose seawater consists of 60% mass of salt materials. The density of seawater is 1.2 kilograms/liter. Calculate the mass of salt produced if 100 liters seawater is completely evaporated.

Answer: 60% x 100 liter x 1.2 kg/liter = 72 kg
- formula is correct but without unit: full mark
- only 72 : 1.0
- only 72 kg: 1.5
- only formula but wrong answer: 1.0

The color of clouds that do not cause rain is usually white whereas the color of clouds that cause rain looks dark. Explain why?

Answer: Because the white cloud only contains the water vapor (gas phase) whereas dark cloud contains raindrop (liquid phase)

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